Office Wall GraphicsAs a business in the Baltimore area, you’re always looking for ways to get a competitive edge in the market. Even seemingly small details—like the aesthetics of your office or store—can be a game changer for potential customers. At Dulaney Painting, LLC, we offer our commercial clients a specialized service that can help you stand out: custom wall murals. Here are five things a wall mural can do for your Maryland-area business.

1. Display your logo.

Imagine walking into your office or store, only to see your company logo displayed front and center. Many business owners choose a custom wall mural or graphic to show their logo in key areas, like at a reception desk, customer service area, or even behind a checkout counter.

2. Set the tone.

A custom wall mural can help establish what kind of atmosphere (or attitude) you create for your customers. For example, if you’re an Italian restaurant, a wall mural displaying picturesque Rome can help give diners a more authentic eating experience. A tattoo shop that wants to look edgy may opt for a graffiti wall mural.

3. State your vision.

If your company has a mission or vision statement, put it on the wall! Let it be a visual reminder to employees and clients of what you are about and where your company is headed.

4. Motivate your team.

Do you want to put a custom quote or saying up on the wall to challenge your employees to work hard or stay focused? You can do that with a custom wall graphic.

5. Create a mood.

Are you wanting to transport your customers to a specific time, place, or mood? A custom wall mural can help you do just that. From serene beach scenes to the Incan ruins or a ballpark, you can find all kinds of graphics to meet your mood’s needs.

To find out more about our custom wall graphics or to get a free estimate, contact Dulaney Painting today at (410) 384-8440. We serve commercial clients in and around Baltimore and Columbia, MD, as well as Washington, DC.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay