You have put a lot of thought and finances into your Baltimore office space. From the wall color to the furniture, each detail has been planned out. However, something is missing—something that sets your business apart. Perhaps what you need is a custom mural from Dulaney Painting, LLC.


At Dulaney Painting, we specialize in all things commercial painting and wallcoverings, including custom murals. We can turn any graphic, logo, image, or more into a feature wall at your office. Here are just a few ways you can use a custom mural:

  • Words & phrases: Just imagine having your company’s mission or vision statement front and center when clients walk into your reception area. Maybe you have an inspirational saying or quote that keeps your employees motivated throughout the workweek.
  • Logo: You’ve invested in a logo that represents your brand. Keep your logo in front of your customers and staff by placing it where everyone can see it.
  • Scenery: You may have specific areas of your business—a waiting room, lunch area, or even a space where you meet with potential new clients—where you want to create a mood. You want them to step in and be transported to a different place. You can do just that with a custom wall mural, featuring almost any scene you can imagine, from vineyards to beaches.

We work with you to design a mural that fits your business goals and your space. From there, we custom-make your mural and install it. The mural will be beautiful and easy to maintain, and if you ever decide to change it, no permanent damage will be done to your walls.

To get a free, no-obligation quote on a custom mural for your Baltimore office, contact Dulaney Painting at (410) 384-8440. We serve business owners in Baltimore, MD; Columbia, MD; and Washington, D.C.

photo credit: _DSC8682 via photopin (license)