You want to make a good first impression. Your business depends on it! But first impressions come from more than just the professionalism of your staff. The walls of your office or store can also speak volumes. At Dulaney Painting, LLC, we encourage Baltimore business owners to step back and ask, “What are my walls saying about my business?” In case the answer is, “I’m old and outdated,” our team has put together this list of some of the most modern colors that can instantly update your workspace.

Gray Office Paint


While beige and white were once standard for neutral colors, the grays have been standing tall in recent years. You can find a wide range of gray pallets, ranging from cool to warm tones. We recommend that you choose a lighter gray in a scuff-resistant finish that brightens your space while also making it current and modern.

Navy Blue

Want to make a statement? Consider painting your space (at least part of it) a navy blue hue. Navy exudes professionalism and makes a great backdrop for custom logo signage and lighting. Plus, some experts note that blue is the most “productive color,” promoting hard work habits for your employees.


Find the perfect blend between that modern gray and basic beige, and you’ll be loving the clean, warm feel you’ve created. “Greige” is great as a backdrop as you decorate your space, giving you a clean, modern palette from which to work.

Blue Green

Okay, don’t think turquoise of the 1980s and early 1990s. Instead, think of warm blue-green with hints of gray. It’s comforting, calm, and exudes creativity. You get to infuse more color without going overboard or get too “in your face.”

Want to find more great colors for your Baltimore office or retail space? Contact Dulaney Painting today at (410) 384-8440 for a free estimate. We specialize in commercial painting, and we can help you find just the right color to update your space and help you give a current, confident first impression. Our services extend to businesses in Baltimore and Columbia, MD, as well as Washington, DC.



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