Running your Baltimore business takes a lot of work. As you reference your long-term business strategies, have you ever considered the importance of the color of your work environment as a part of your business model? Science has shown over and over again the way color impacts mood, and in turn, the way people respond to it. If your work environment needs a color update, the commercial painting experts at Dulaney Painting, LLC can help. We’ve compiled a few reasons why paint color could have a real effect on your business. 

Commercial Painting and Dulaney Painting LLC

Color Changes a Sense of Space

Every commercial space is different. Whether you have a large room or a small, cozy space where you run your business, the wall color affects the perception of the size of the room. If you would like for your environment to appear larger, consider lightening the walls. Darker colors make a space more intimate and close. Think about your goals for your business, and choose your paint color accordingly. We use Sherwin Williams and PPG paints as our trusted paint suppliers, so our painting experts are sure to have a wide selection of color options for you to choose from.

Color Changes Mood

From the time we are born, we learn to associate certain feelings with colors. Yellow can make people feel hungry, or green evokes creativity. Most people are thought to like the color blue, which has a calming effect. It’s no wonder that Oceanside, a blue-toned paint, is the Sherwin Williams paint color of the year. Are you unsure of which paint tone to use? We know interior painting and can walk you through your choices. 

Color Changes Temperature Perception

Can you actually save on heating and cooling costs because of the color of the walls in a room? Scientists have found that people can believe the temperature is either warmer or colder based on the color of the space in which they reside. People feel warmer when they are in rooms painted orange, yellow, or red, which could be associated with the color of the sun. Colors like blue, green, or light purple can trick the mind to believe the room is a bit cooler than that of the actual temperature. 

Are you ready to change the look and feel of your commercial space with an upgrade in paint color? Contact Dulaney Painting, LLC online, or call us at (410) 384-8440 for a free estimate. Let us help you realize your color dreams for your commercial space.

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