Commercial Interior PaintingYour Baltimore office is about to get a facelift with commercial interior painting from our crew at Dulaney Painting, LLC. It’s been a few years (or more…) since you’ve changed color schemes, and you’re ready to see the finished results. However, before the magic can happen, there are a few things you can do to prep your office space for interior painting.

1. Establish a painting schedule.

If our painters are doing only one room, you should be able to find a day or time that works best for the flow of your business. However, if we’re painting multiple rooms or the entire building, we will work with you to establish a painting schedule that gets the job done while also allowing you and your employees to continue working.

2. Alert your staff.

Don’t forget to give your employees plenty of notice that changes are coming to your space. You’ll want to let them know how it will or won’t affect them, when they might see paint crews in the building, and how you plan to adjust work flow. These details can put staffers at ease and get them excited about the changes.

3. Remove anything on or next to the wall.

Before painting can begin, everything has to be removed from the walls in order to prep them. If you have this step done in advance, our team can get right to work, and you won’t have to scramble trying to figure out where to put all your wall art. You can also go ahead and move things (desks, chairs, etc.) away from the walls several feet.

As we get closer to painting day, our crew can help you with any other details you need to work out so that your business doesn’t have to come to a halt. To get started with renovating your Baltimore office or to find out more about us or our services, contact Dulaney Painting today at (410) 384-8440.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay