What’s Paint Color Got to Do with It?

Running your Baltimore business takes a lot of work. As you reference your long-term business strategies, have you ever considered the importance of the color of your work environment as a part of your business model? Science has shown over and over again the way color impacts mood, and in turn, the way people respond to it. If your work environment needs a color update, the commercial painting experts at Dulaney Painting, LLC can help. We’ve compiled a few reasons why paint color could have a real effect on your business. 

Improve Your Baltimore Business’s Curb Appeal

In business, first impressions matter. From hospitality and commercial businesses to office buildings and service providers, your building’s exterior matters. As we head into spring in the Baltimore area, it’s time to start thinking about ramping up the curb appeal. Show your clients and partners that you take care of all aspects of your business. And when it comes to exterior painting and finishes, know that the professional commercial painters at Dulaney Painting, LLC have you covered.

3 Ways to Give Your Business a Fresh New Look for the New Year

The New Year is just around the corner. Many of your customers will be making resolutions or setting personal goals for 2018. Will you be doing the same for your Baltimore business? If updating your space fits into your plan for the New Year, these ideas from the professional painting contractors at Dulaney Painting, LLC can help steer you in the right direction.

Top Colors for Your Baltimore Office

You want to make a good first impression. Your business depends on it! But first impressions come from more than just the professionalism of your staff. The walls of your office or store can also speak volumes. At Dulaney Painting, LLC, we encourage Baltimore business owners to step back and ask, “What are my walls saying about my business?” In case the answer is, “I’m old and outdated,” our team has put together this list of some of the most modern colors that can instantly update your workspace.

Easy Office Updates with Dulaney Painting

You recently acquired a new commercial space in the Baltimore area. You’re excited about all its potential and feel like you got a great deal in a good area. However, the building is going to need a bit of updating—including almost every wall. The good news is that with Dulaney Painting, your office can look updated in no time.

Your Spring To-Do List: Exterior Painting

Spring is the time of year that individuals and business owners are making their project lists. Finally, the Baltimore weather is allowing people to get outdoors and start tackling some essential curb-appeal projects and post-winter clean-up. As you make your to-do list, don’t forget to include exterior painting—perhaps with a little help from our crew at Dulaney Painting, LLC.

Prep Your Space for Interior Painting

Your Baltimore office is about to get a facelift with commercial interior painting from our crew at Dulaney Painting, LLC. It’s been a few years (or more…) since you’ve changed color schemes, and you’re ready to see the finished results. However, before the magic can happen, there are a few things you can do to prep your office space for interior painting.

Spruce Up Your Office before the Holidays

Can you believe the holiday season is barreling toward us? Pretty soon, we’ll all be sitting around the table for Thanksgiving or exchanging gifts. While many people look forward to the holidays (especially that office party), you may be starting to panic about the sad state of your office building. You have important clients who will be attending your Christmas party, and you want to put your best foot forward. You’ve been meaning to do some updates, but time just hasn’t been on your side.One quick improvement you can still make in time for the holiday season is to change your interior paint color.

4 Questions to Ask Your Painting Contractor

You’re ready for your office to get a fresh, new look. You’re tired of the walls that haven’t been updated since the mid-1990s—and they are showing serious signs of wear. Before you hire a painting contractor, take some time to make sure you hire the right one. To separate the pros from the posers, we recommend that you ask a potential painter these four questions.

How to Find a Painting Contractor

You do an Internet search for “Baltimore painting contractor” only to be overwhelmed by the pages and pages of listings. There’s no way you have time to click each and every link. Your commercial property is long overdue for new exterior paint, so how do you go about finding a quality painting contractor in a short amount of time? First of all, don’t freak out. That won’t help anybody. Take a deep breath, and then follow these steps from our crew at Dulaney Painting, LLC.